Tom Brady Takes Back The All-Time TD Pass Lead. As He Chokes Against The Rams Late.

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Tom Brady is washed? I don’t know all I do know is the clutch gene quite possibly is fading. Brady with a minute to go down by a field goal throws a give me interception to the Rams.

I mean you cannot throw that pass, you just can’t no excuses. I’ll give it to Brady he may have dementia or something along those lines the guy is 900 years old so you can’t blame him I guess. But boy he has looked like a sack of potatoes today really bad. A favorite hobby of mine is pissing on Brady when he is down so I love seeing him lose. Go make out with your kid while you are at it.

Way to go Tom I guess you did need Bill or whatever. I don’t really care I am a Jets fan. Give me Trevor!

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