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Tom Brady Is The Drunkest Man In The World Right Now

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TOM BRADY IS ABSOLUTELY WASTED! The 7 time Super Bowl champion is feeling himself at the parade right now. But is he wrong to do so? Absolutely not! In fact, he should be passed out bottoms up in the water for all of his accomplishments, but people on social media are ripping on Brady for being a “bad role model” which is ridiculous to even think about, because Tom Brady is a fantastic person to look up to.

Brady has been doing some wild shit all day, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. The first video that was leaked of him was when he was on the boat tossing around the trophy like it was a football. The goat has won so many Lombardi Trophy’s that he is just tossing it from boat to boat with no care in the world!

Seeing this, brings back so much joy because we haven’t been able to see a championship parade in a while due to Covid, so this is finally some normal. Obviously the Laker’s didn’t get a parade after they won the NBA championship.

My favorite video of Brady so far today is him walking off the boat while being held by what looks to be one of his security guards, but is actually the Bucs 3rd string QB.

Just look at Brady’s face, he is so happy to be in this position right now, how can you even hate on him? The media tried getting him to say a couple words, but he was quick to put up his hand in regards to not take any interviews at the moment. Brady is walking like a college kid after dartying all day, then finishing the night by drinking another case. I love it!

Shortly after the video was released, Brady made a tweet regarding the situation, he surely didn’t disappoint.

“Noting to see her…just a litTle avoCado tequila” God would I love to be ripping tequila shots with Tom Brady after he wins another Super Bowl. He truly is living his best life.

That was the tweet that people are giving Tom hate for in the comments, you can read them by clicking on the tweet. It just doesn’t make sense to me because if any of those haters have accomplished just 1 percent of what that man has done, then they would be celebrating just as hard. It’s ridiculous.

LeBron James was one of many athletes that has commented on it, and LeBron doesn’t give two shits about it. He would be doing the exact same thing if he was in this situation too.

This is so awesome, I love Tom Brady and all that he is doing. I hope he continues to drink like a fish and not give a single fuck about the haters. Congrats to the Bucs and an even bigger congrats to Tom Brady on winning his 7th ring…yes 7 Super Bowl rings!

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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