Tom Brady Is Not Human

It is likely by now you’ve seen that Tom Brady was playing the 2020-2021 season with a torn MCL. This is also the season Brady joined a new team, and won a record 7th Super Bowl

Tommy suffered the knee injury in his last season with New England. It then progressively got worse and worse as time went on.

It is interesting to note that Brady was not once listed on the Bucs Injury Report. After the Super Bowl in early February Brady got surgery to fix that knee. The legend of this man grows and grows. The GOAT not only wins, but does do with only 1 knee.

Assuming this is true, we can only begin to imagine what will happen in 2021 for Brady. He will be 100% healthy, with another year with this team. Chemistry will continue to build, and realistically Brady should only play better. The Bucs, returning all their starters looked poised to repeat.


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