Tom Brady Hints at Julian Edelman Signing With Buccaneers

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In the words of that meme, “aw shit, here we go again.” Is another former Patriot gonna come down to Tampa Bay with Tom Brady? Well tom appears to think so.

Hand up, I have no idea if Brady was joking or not. But if this actually happens, what does Bill Belichick do? I see it going one of two ways.

Option A: Bill Belichick gets so depressed that all of his best friends left him for Tampa that he falls into a deep, sorrowful depression that results in him retiring from the game of football and passing away shortly after due to losing all purpose in life.

Option B: Bill Belichick gets so fucking angry about this Brady/Gronk/Edelman shit that he leaves all friends and family behind to solely focus on football and fuck Brady over. He decides to live at the facility full time and develops some sort of anal injection that gives all of his defensive players the abilities of Prime Lawrence Taylor, and his offensive players the talent of Jim Brown — Bill’s two favorite players of all time. He proceeds to win the Super Bowl every year until Tom Brady retires.

One of these two is happening, I see no in between.

UPDATE: Looks like its not gonna happen my bad lol.

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