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Tokyo Joshi Pro “WRESTLE PRINCESS” Results 11/7/20

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling ”WRESTLE PRINCESS” results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Tokyo Dome City Hall on 11/7/20 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Suzume and Sena Shiori beat Moka Miyamoto and Mei Suruga when Suzume pinned Miyamoto after the Ring A Bell cutter. This was Suruga’s TJPW debut.

Mahiro Kiryu and Pom Harajuku beat Marika Kobayashi and Haruna Neko when Kiryu pinned Neko after a spine buster.

Hikari Noa pinned Mirai Maiumi with a Blizzard Suplex in an International Princess Title Tournament semifinals match.

Yuki Kamifuku pinned Shoko Nakajima after two Famousers in an International Princess Title Tournament semifinals match.

Yuna Manase pinned Raku after a lariat. She showed respect to Raku afterwards by raising her arm and helping her out of the ring.

Saki Akai beat Hyper Misao in a Switching Rules Match. There was a button on one of the ring posts that they could press to change the rules throughout the match. The last stipulation was a Last Woman Standing Match. Akai used the Quetzalcoatl on Misao and Misao was unable to get to her feet to beat the 10 count. One of the other stipulations was they could have someone come out to give them help during the match. Yukio Sakaguchi came out for Akai and Sanshiro Takagi came out for Misao.


A graphic appeared on the big screen saying SAKISAMA (Saki Akai’s alter ego) will appear on the 11/14/20 show. Hyper Misao will face Super Sasadango Machine on 11/20/20.

Miyu Yamashita and Aja Kong beat Maki Itoh and Sareee when Yamashita pinned Itoh after an Attitude Adjustment and the Crash Rabbit Heat. The announcers mentioned Sareee is on her way to WWE when she’s able to get to America amidst the virus pandemic causing travel issues.

They announced dates for Korakuen Hall on 1/4/21, 2/11/21, 4/17/21, and 5/4/21. WRESTLE PRINCESS 2 will take place on 10/9/21 at Ota Ward Gymnasium.

Intermission with the three title matches to come: Hikari Noa vs. Yuki Kamifuku in the tournament finals for the vacant International Princess Title (Thunder Rosa gave up the belt a couple of months ago because of being unable to defend it due to travel issues with the virus pandemic), Princess Tag Team Champions Miu Watanabe and Rika Tatsumi vs. Yuki Aino and Nodoka Tenma, Princess of Princess Champion Yuka Sakazaki vs. Mizuki.


Arisu Endo and Nao Kakuta were brought out and briefly introduced to the crowd as new faces starting with the company soon.

Yuki Kamifuku pinned Hikari Noa after a Famouser from off of the second rope to win the International Princess Title Tournament.

Yuki Aino and Nodoka Tenma won the Princess Tag Team Titles from Rika Tatsumi and Miu Watanabe when Aino pinned Watanabe after the UBV.

Princess of Princess Champion Yuka Sakazaki pinned Mizuki after the Magical Girl Chicken Bastard Splash.

Sakazaki cut a tearful promo and said she loved Mizuki. She had the roster come to the ring. She said the roster is evolving but they’ll keep going and what’s important is that the fans have fun. Everyone took a bow from the stage to close the show.

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