Tokyo Joshi Pro Results 11/20/20: Yuka Sakazaki Has A Challenger For 1/4/21

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Shinjuku FACE on 11/20/20 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Princess Tag Team Champions Nodoka Tenma and Yuki Aino beat Raku, Moka Miyamoto, and Haruna Neko in a handicap match when Aino submitted Miyamoto to the Camel Clutch Full Nelson.

International Princess Champion Yuki Kamifuku, Hikari Noa, Pom Harajuku, and Mahiro Kiryu beat Mizuki, Miu Watanabe, Mirai Maiumi, and Nao Kakuta when Noa folded up Maiumi for the pin.

Sakisama introduced Mei Suruga as her mystery partner. Suruga is doing a servant gimmick under the name Mei Saint-Michel.

Sakisama and Mei Saint-Michel beat Sena Shiori and Suzume when Mei submitted Shiori to a modified half crab. The match was a big showcase for Mei as she got to show off her athleticism and comedy facial expressions that made her famous in Choco Pro.

Rika Tatsumi won a 5-Way Survival Match over Maki Itoh, Miyu Yamashita, Shoko Nakajima, and Princess Champion Yuka Sakazaki. Everyone eliminated Itoh first by piling on her for the pin after she missed the Flying Big Head. Sakazaki and Nakajima pinned Yamashita with a double team jackknife pin. Tatsumi eliminated Sakazaki by Over The Top Rope Rule with a dropkick. Tatsumi pinned Nakajima after the missile hip to win the match.

After the match, Tatsumi challenged Sakazaki for the title. It will happen on 1/4/21 at Korakuen Hall.


Hyper Misao vs. Super Sasadango Machine. This whole thing went WELL over an hour. Misao said she will retire and Sasadango brought out much of the roster to decide who would end up being her opponent in a series of comedy challenges. It ended up with Rika Tatsumi vs. Hyper Misao in the end with Tatsumi getting the pin after the missile hip.

After the match, Misao gave a long speech. Utashiro from the DDT Group office team came out to the ring and purposed to her. She said ”yes” and then took back her retirement announcement. She said she will continue to wrestle as a married woman.

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