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Tokyo Joshi Pro International Title Tournament 1st Round Results 10/10/20

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Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Kitazawa Town Hall on 10/10/20. This will air on WRESTLE UNIVERSE on 10/13/20:

Today’s show will feature a couple of matches in the first round of the International Princess Title tournament. Thunder Rosa vacted the title earlier this week due to the virus pandemic travel issues to Japan making her unable to defend it.

They announced Saki Akai vs. Hyper Misao for the 11/7/20 event. Yuna Manase will also be on that show but as a member of the Ganbare roster. A photo book featuring Yuka Sakazaki and Mizuki will be released on 11/7.

Nodoka Tenma beat Moka Miyamoto by WAR Special submission.

Hikari Noa won a 3-Way Match over Hyper Misao and Suzume by pinning Suzume with a Japanese Leg Roll Clutch.

Mirai Maiumi beat Mahiro Kiryu by Miramare by submission in an international Princess Title Match.

Shoko Nakajima pinned Raku with a Northern Lights Suplex in a tournament match.

Miu Watanabe and Rika Tatsumi beat Yuki Aino and Pom Harajuku when Watanabe pinned Aino after the Daydream Eternity double team finisher.

Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki, and Suzume beat Miyu Watanabe, Maki Itoh, and Haruna Neko when Sakazaki submitted Neko with an omoplatta. Mizuki walked away from Sakazaki after the match to tease tension to build the 11/7 show. Sakazaki will defend the Princess of Princess Title against her.

Thanks to Tadao Oka for the results.

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