Today I Remembered How Trash Headaches Are

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Me to my midterms

Ah yes headaches, a phenomenon that brings people together and certainly something we all experience at least a thousand times in our lives. I don’t know if it was because I had polished off two midterms the day before and released myself of tons of stress, or any other reason however that’s not too important. What’s important was that it sucked, and for the next three hours I pretty much got no work done. I even popped a Tylenol and honestly I don’t think it made a difference at all and knew I had to get creative.

I swapped my music to some Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, then went outside to some breezy weather to get that extra oxygen flow (plus it was chilly so that helped). Funny enough the headache completely stopped when my playlist switched to DNCE on the train back home. Did Joe Jonas have a hand in curing my headache? Who knows. For all y’all out there suffering from one too or wanting to be prepared for one here’s some tips that might help:

  • Hydrate: Getting some water in you will do that body good.
  • Don’t blare any heavy music: switch from heavy metal to ambience or lo-fi to make it easier on your ears and head
  • If possible, go outside for a couple of minutes: Getting a fresh change of air from the office space is not only refreshing, relaxing too!
  • If nothing else, take some advil or tylenol: Just because you’re suffering don’t mean you can’t use a cheat code to stop it.

Thank you all for listening to my little self-help session, hopefully this helped you with your headache or entertain you otherwise. This is your boy Jacob, signing off!

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