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Bank Roll- $5000

Bet: 3 NBA win totals (over plays)

Lines provided by: Fanduel Sports Book


$2500- Boston Celtics over 58.5 wins

This my friends are what morons call “a lock”, what this is my friends is a free $2500. You can literally make an A and B squad and both would contend in the Lebronless Eastern conference. Top to bottom they have the deepest team, which gamblers know cover spreads and win tight games. Think about it this way. Are the Boston Celtics going to loose 23 games this season…………… the fuck outa here.

$1500- San Antonio Spurs over 42.5 wins

 Is Vegas fuckin stupid my friends? This to me makes no sense … which means 1.5 g’s on the Spurs. Last season SA won 47 games with basically the same roster they have this year…. Plus ummm Demar Derozan. I know some of you think Derozan is overrated and I don’t not agree BUT it is a major upgrade for Pop who will make it work. At the end of the day I trust Pop with my 1.5 grand… and now you do too.


$1000- Miami Heat over 29.5 wins

Future bets like these are the same concept as the stock market. Finding value based on predicting the future is momentous. You should know where im going with this my friends….Two words…. Jimmy Butler. Consider the best case scenario and the Heat land Jimmy Butler. You can cash this ticket the moment Woj tweets that fucking tweet. Worst case scenario… again with the coach…. Erik Spoelstra will coach a team that is widly underrated to 30 wins. Listen you may have to sweat this one out till feburary… but I did say worst case scenario. Between Coach Spoelstra Goran D Wade Whitside and ***** (* means probally will be on team at some point) *Jimmy Butler……. Gives you a 3/3 sweep and $5 0 0 0 more in your pocket.

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