To Name or Not To Name-What will The Washington Football Team name themselves

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Oh Washington football team, how I’ve come to love your silly name.  For the past year I’ve pondered, “what is their new team name going to be?”, well it seems like we the NFL fans might know fairly soon.

Personally, I love the “Washington football team” as a team name, but in a purely ironic way. It rolls off the tongue surprisingly well yet it kills 100 brain cells every time it’s heard.

I don’t claim to know what name they should choose to replace their current(lack of) name, but here is a list of names from their survey:

The Washington Griffins

The Washington warriors 

The Washington Armada 

The Washington Swifts 

The Washington Commanders 

The Washington Rubies

The Washington Wild Hogs

& finally 

Washington DC Football Club


Okay I lied there is clearly a perfect choice, “the Washington wild hogs”. Can you imagine the fan costumes?Any other choice just sounded stupid as hell. “The Washington Wild Hogs” would have the best tailgate parties, they would feature Beer & Bacon! Name something better than beer, bacon, and watching football with the boys! 

I have a problem with “DCFC”, this isn’t soccer! Get out of here with your pretentious F’s and C’s! I’m tired of soccer fans trying to influence other sports. This isn’t Europe. 

“Swifts”… Just A Big Fat NO. What a terrible idea for a name. This is a name is what imagine a group of girls would choose in 2014 (as in Taylor swift fans), just a God awful name.

Griffons, Armada, Commanders, and Rubies all just sound wrong. terrible . One sounds like it’s from Harry Potter, two sound dumb, and the last one sounds like a restaurant.

The Washington Warriors, this works great… if it wasn’t already a very successful basketball team. A very successful basketball team that I happen to HATE.

Now none of these are official, and we don’t know what they will choose but it sounds like these might be the main names being considered, and I’d like to once again lobby for “Washington Wild Hogs”

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