TMZ Reports Kobe’s Pilot “misjudged” the terrain

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TMZ reported earlier today that Kobe’s pilot may have misjudged the mountainous terrain because of the immense fog in the sky that grounded other helicopters in the LA area.

“Even more baffling, we’ve been told the pilot was extremely experienced flying in that area — and was even a flight instructor. One seasoned helicopter pilot told TMZ, he could not understand why Kobe’s pilot would have maintained a speed of 161 knots in such dense fog. One of the benefits of a helicopter is you can go much slower — even 15 mph — to gingerly avoid terrain if you’re uncertain.” -TMZ

The article goes onto explain how the pilot had assumed that he had passed the mountains at that time and maintained a speed of 161 knots as the chopper collided with the mountain.

“Several of the pilots we spoke with say the pilot should have gone up to clear the fog, rather than down. To that end, we’re told the pilot could have slowed down to almost a stop as he turned, but didn’t.” -TMZ

Bryant had been known to travel by helicopter in the LA area with the same pilot. As he explained on “The Corp”.

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