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It’s Time To Celebrate In Cleveland!


That’s right Cleveland, get out the floats, start decorating your trucks, and get the candy out for all the little boys and girls, because you may have your very own parade!!!

If the Browns do lose their next five games, they will be getting a parade, courtesy of one Browns fan, who just secured permits for the “perfect season” parade. That amazing fan’s name is Chris McNeil, and he started a GoFundMe to raise $3,000 to fund a parade that will go down in downtown Cleveland on Jan. 6. The money will go towards paying for security, restrooms, medical personnel along with other costs. I don’t know what “other costs” are, but probably something along the lines of wiping up the tears of all of Cleveland.

The good news is that the proceeds will go to a good cause if the Browns were to win, so props to this fan for potentially donating the money. However, what’s hilarious about this is the fact that no one has embraced losing more than the Cleveland Browns. You would think that Lions fans would’ve thought of something like this when they went 0-16, but no. Only the Browns could think of having a parade for their team for a perfect losing season, because we all know that they may never see a Super Bowl parade in their lifetime.

Even on the Facebook page he’s created, over 5,200 people have said they’re interested in attending, and over 1,400 have confirmed that they’ll go. Browns fans are embracing the pain in full force.

What do you think? Will Cleveland actually go through with their “perfect season” parade? Or is it all just one big joke? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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