Tim Tebow Is Back! Invited To Mets BIG LEAGUE SPRING TRAINING!

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Guess whose back? Guess whose back? Guess whose back? Tebow back, back, back!

The New York Mets have announced their invites to Big League Spring Training and Tim Tebow was on that list.

It feels like Tebow should be 40 years old but he’s 33 and continuing to show how athletic he is.

The fact that Tebow is still going strong is wild to me. Everyone thought he had no chance in pro baseball. I’m one of them. He continues to get opportunities. On February 25, 2020 Tebow hit his first major league spring training home run, a two-run home run against Detroit Tigers’ reliever Alex Wilson.

Will Tebow ever get a shot during the Big Leagues? That’s.. doubtful. But if anyone will it’s the guy who was throwing touchdown passes in the NFL playoffs in 2011, TIMMY TEBOW!

Twitter is loving it:

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