TikTok Star Addison Rae Is Trending After She Joined The Dream SMP Discord |@whoisaddison

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Twitter is freaking out after finding out that Addison Rae joined the ‘Dream SMP Discord.’ If you have a clue what that means the discord is a dream survival server where top Minecraft celebrities have made a huge world. I guess this is a big deal because this means Addison is a ‘gamer?’

I do not see how this is a big deal because I don’t play Minecraft and I have no clue what that game is. But Twitter is going nuts that it has been leaked that Addison has joined the discord.

It seems like Twitter is spilt on this some people think it is clue that Addison is involved in the Minecraft community and others don’t like this move at all because she isn’t a serious ‘Minecraft player’ give me a break who cares? But this is what it is like when you are an influencer I guess every little thing you do gets put under a microscope and analyzed no matter how big or small an issue is.

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