Tik Tok Star Bryce Hall Viciously Attacks Waiter Over Vaping

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I literally write a blog yesterday not hating completely on this community. Hall was on the BFFs podcast and seemed pretty smart. I guess that was an act. The entitlement of the famous Tik Tok kids is real.

He brutally attacked a server who just asked him to stooped vaping. Bruce claims it started when he had to ask for his credit cards back ten times. As someone who has worked in the industry, it’s illegal for a restaurant to hold the card so I highly doubt that. Bro if you wanted to vape cool do it outside. It’s illegal in restaurants and you can just go the ten feet off the premises to take your nicotine puff if you need it that bad.

You know after listening to the latest podcast with Portnoy, I was almost ready to say these kids aren’t bad. Hahaha nope my first instinct was right again. What a bunch of douche bags is exactly right. Bryce you’re a punk ass entitled bitch, who my little sister would beat the shit out of. The world doesn’t revolve around you, and get your shit straight before your end up another Hollywood horror story.

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