Tik-Tok Mega Star Addison Rae Can’t Do Basic Math? @whoisaddison

I would like to preface this by saying in no way am I hating on Addison I think she is awesome and love what she is about. But yesterday she surpassed four million followers on Twitter and did a celebratory tweet to commemorate this milestone!

She is apparently goofing on herself when she was on the Creator Tournament with Mr. Beast and gave us this moment:

I don’t know what to think I know Addison Rae as a Tok Tok sensation who is a dancer not a comedian, but maybe she is diversifying her content! Who knows she is obviously a very intelligent woman who has been able to leverage a lot of money out of her Tik Tok with countless brand deals, a Podcast exclusively on Spotify, and many more avenues of making money. I am no way goofing on her I admire her success and quiet frankly she is my ‘celebrity crush.’

Addison, nothing but love keep killing it and building your empire! If you want a loyal man who will happily sign a prenup look no further than me!

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