Three Reasons To Watch The Lions Today

Week 17, here we go. It’s the last Lions game of the season, as the Lions take on the Vikings. Honestly, this game is about as meaningless as it gets. There aren’t many reasons why you would want to watch a losing team play in week 17. Using the punter as the graphic should tell you all you need to know. I can’t blame you as a Lions fan if you are rooting for this team to lose today for a better draft pick. Believe it or not, there are still three reasons to watch this Lions team today.

1. Matthew Stafford

No one knows what Stafford’s future holds. It could be his last game as a Lion. Stafford is the only reason this team ever has a chance to win. Without Stafford, this team may not even win a game. Stafford has been elite for the Lions over his tenure, and with nothing on the line, plus being injured, he still is going to play today. If this is his last game as a Lion, you have to watch the greatest all-time quarterback in Lions history play one more game.

2. D’andre Swift

Ah, the rookie, D’andre Swift is always awesome to watch. Fans have been begging for him to get more playing time, and the coaching staff still uses Adrian Peterson. So frustrating. When he gets opportunities, Swift makes the most of them. Swift has 467 yards on 102 rushing attempts for seven touchdowns and would have more if it wasn’t for the coaching staff. Swift is one of the few young exciting pieces the Lions have and will be here for the long term.

3. Romeo Okwara

The lone bright spot for this defense, Romeo Okwara. Romeo has been a monster this season, producing nine sacks, three forced fumbles, and 31 solo tackles on the season. Okwara is having a career year.

The 25 year old is scheduled to be a free agent this offseason, and he will get a big bag. He’s about the only player that is worth watching on defense.

Those are the three main reasons to watch the Lions today. Plus last game of the year. Look, I know this season has sucked but it’s still always sad for another season to end. Enjoy this last game of the season.

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