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Three Fans Brawl on Upper Deck at Progressive Field (Video)

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With this year’s Major League Baseball season coming to a close, another fight has took place not on the diamond. 

This time, it is between Indians fans at Progressive Field in Cleveland. 

In a video posted by Barstool Sports and Nick Newell on Twitter, there were three male fans that were all involved in a fight after having girlfriends ‘being drunk, loud, and obnoxious’ around other fans on the upper deck of the stadium. 

And in the video, one of the fans involved used a WWE-style elbow drop that sent all three fans together down the flight of seats on the deck.

While another fan was seen to be punching a guy on the ground between the row of seats. 

Shortly afterwards, security came in and arrested the three fans for the fight.

It is unclear what happened to them after they were arrested. They were possibly given a fine and might be banned from the stadium. Who knows. 

It’s not the first time that baseball fans fought amongst each other as Chicago Cubs fans were two fights. One was with their cross-town rivals with the Chicago White Sox fanbase and at their home field at Wrigley. 

Let’s say for this year’s baseball season, there was a lot of action that occurred on the baseball diamond and in the stands. Hope they can keep it up. 

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