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This Weatherman Can’t Seem To Catch A Break From Technology Errors – He Is Back To Swearing On TV, Here Are Some Of His Best Clips

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Karl Bohnak is one of the most loved people in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Why is he?

Well listen here ya cocksucker, I’ll tell ya! (yes, he’s said cocksucker live too) Karl has kept it real.

From his funny bloopers, to swearing on TV. Karl has had some of the funniest moments in TV history and some of them you’ve probably never seen.

Last night during a broadcast at 10:15PM on FoxUP, Karl had a little mess up:

This hasn’t been just a one time thing either.

A couple of years ago Karl messed up during a Facebook live and his swears? Well… They’re hilarious:

Here’s another Karl blooper:

Needless to say.. Karl is a vet, and he isn’t going anywhere. I hope that he NEVER retires. His TV bloopers are the only thing keeping TV6 afloat at this point.

Here is another hilarius video of Karl:

And to close it out… We have one more Karl clip:

Needless to say.. You know why us Yoopers love you Karl!

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