This Video Makes Me Really Miss The NBA

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It’s been a little over two weeks since the NBA season ended and damn I already miss it. This video above reminded me how much I already miss it. Some of these plays remind me why I fell in love with this league. I know most people are probably sick of basketball after that three-month restart, but I’m the opposite. I already need basketball back. I miss seeing basketball on my TV every night and need that back as soon as possible.

We have no clue when next season will start which makes it even worse. There have been reports that the season could start as early as Christmas or as late as March. It sucks not to know when the season is going to start. But to hold you over, for now, rewatch some of the best moments from the restart.

Hurry up and come back soon basketball. At least we get college basketball in about a month. College basketball is awesome, as long as we don’t get robbed of March Madness this year. I’m still not over no March Madness this year. Damn you corona.

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