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This Vegas Strip Club Offered Drive-Thru Strip Shows For $100 During The Coronavirus Outbreak On Friday | @LittleDsLV

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Las Vegas strip club Little Darlings is now closed until further notice even though they defied a mandatory order from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, but when they were open, the club offered some creative services amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to KTNV ABC 13 Las Vegas, the club offered strip shows through the drive-thru and nude hand sanitizer wrestling. The services started last Friday.

Photo Courtesy: KTNV Las Vegas

Guests paid $100 to drive up to the door and enjoy themselves a strip show comfortably in the seat of their own vehicles.

The club also offered guests to come inside and watch the Nude Hand Sanitizer Wrestling show, that show was suppose to start tonight (Saturday).

As a business, Little Darlings was able to take advantage of what is now a pandemic surrounding the virus outbreak, as they handed out bottles of hand sanitizers when the first cases were announced.

The club also practiced hourly hand-washing, places more than 25 bottles of hand sanitizers around the premises and social distancing between seating and and private dance areas.

It is unclear when exactly Little Darlings will be back open once the mandate is lifted, but all we have to say is, this was a creative (and clean) way to bring in business.

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