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This Tom Brady for Jimmy Garoppolo Rumor Isn’t All That Crazy…

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Well isn’t this something. Issssssn’t this something. Tom Brady to the Niners and Jimmy G back home with daddy Belichick. And this isn’t just some random rumor floating around Twitter either. Some big names have alluded to this in the past week.

Tom E Curran, who is as in-the-know about Tom Brady and his situation as anyone

Peter King and Deion Sanders

Mike Florio

You’d be silly not to take this rumor seriously. There’s too many big names reporting on it for it to simply be a rumor. Tom Brady taking his talents to his hometown team, booting his former protégé BACK to the team that drafted him and planned to make him Tom Brady’s successor in the first place?

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That is nothing short of delicious. It’s no secret I’ve been all in on the “Tom Brady Returning to New England” train, but if he were to depart, I think this is the best case scenario. He leaves for the NFC, in maybe it’s most talented division, and Jimmy G comes home to carry the torch. Tom is happy, Bill is happy, and you’d get a pissed off Jimmy G out to prove he’s not Tom Brady’s lap dog.

It’s not all that unrealistic. Are you telling me that you can’t believe that when Bill Belichick shipped Jimmy off for a second round pick to years ago, he didn’t say “and by the way, Tom will be a free agent in two years. You can have him and your second round pick back for Jimmy”?

The Dark Lord plays chess while the rest of the league plays checkers. I can absolutely see a scenario where Bill shipped Jimmy off to learn how to play on someone else’s time, only to come back better. That’s ridiculous, you say? Ever heard of Jamie Collins, Patrick Chung, Deion Branch, LeGarrett Blount, and Rob Gronkowski, to name a few?

I’m still shaking at the thought of Tom Brady in any other uniform, but I’d accept this deal. Please excuse me while I go untie the knot in my stomach.

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