This Quote From Dan Campbell Should Worry Lions Fans

This morning Dan Campbell became the favorite to land the Lions head coaching gig. Campbell is the tight ends coach in New Orleans and played for the Lions between 2006-2008. After he became the favorite, this quote has been circulating and Lions fans should be somewhat worried about the quote.

Sounds like Matt Patricia’s style of coaching. The year is 2021, teams don’t win football games by running and defense. Teams need those things to be successful, but this league is an offensive driven league now. You HAVE to have an explosive offense in today’s NFL, especially an explosive passing attack. It’s not the 1980’s anymore, you don’t win with ground and pound offense. You win by having a high powered offense through the air.

I’m not saying the Lions shouldn’t hire this guy just because of that quote, but the quote does have to worry Lions fans based on what just happened in Detroit. Hell, I thought Matt Patricia was a great hire. We all know how that ended. Maybe Campbell will be the man to turn this sinking ship around. Either way, we all remember what happened last time when the Lions hired a coach. We all praised the hire and thought he was going to be the one. So no matters what happens, don’t overreact. Unless it’s Marvin Lewis, then you can riot.

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