This New Aaron Rodgers Report Has Me Happy, Get Him Out Of Green Bay!

Don’t you love whenever there is Aaron Rodgers news? Or do you Jordan Love it? Haha. Get it?

Aaron Rodgers time in Green Bay seems to be coming to an end. We’ve all thought it’s possibly happening but after this recent report by Adam Schefter there is no doubt in my mind that Rodgers is sick of Green Bay.

As a Detroit Lions fan I love this. Aaron Rodgers is such a great quarterback as much as I hate saying it, he’s a GREAT quarterback and I’d love to see him in another uniform.

Green Bay has treated Rodgers like he’s an average quarterback over the last couple of season and now? Now he’s over it.

Green Bay seems to have attempted to repair the relationship but it’s too far gone. You can pay him all you want, offer him a new contract, highest paid player but until the Front Office in Green Bay changes, there’s no doubt in my mind that Rodgers will be elsewhere in 2021.

Maybe that’s hosting Jeopardy! Only time will tell!


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