This is the solution to the Kyrie Irving problem

The Nets are gonna be without superstar legend idol hero Kyrie Irving until further notice due to Irving’s current vaccination status. The reason this is such a problem is that the dictatorship that is New York City mandates that you have to be vaccinated to be inside of the Barclays Center.

Now, everyone wants to blame Kyrie for not being vaccinated, and I get it, but not really. Could this problem be fixed if Kyrie gets vaccinated? Sure. But why make the man compromise his morals?

Instead, why aren’t we turning to New York City itself to help the fellas out? I propose we impliment ‘Kyrie’s Law,” a law stating that if you happen to be the starting point guard for the best basketball team this cities ever seen, you get to enter the Barcalay’s center even if you’re unvaccinated. That would solve the problem pretty quick, right?

And I know all the dweebs and bluehaired cucks out there are gonna spew all this nonsense about how if Kyrie gets to go places in the city unvaccinated, then everyone else should too, but people saying that can clam it. There’s an easy fix for those dorks too.

We bring everyone who has a problem with Kyrie being in the arena unvaccinated to a park in Brooklyn, and if any of them can take Kai in a 1v1, he won’t go in the arena. But, if and when, he completely dominates them all, he gets to play.

Oh, and not to get political, but if we elected Andrew Yang as NYC Mayor none of this would be a problem. He’s a huge Nets guy. He would’ve shut down the city just to get Kyrie on the hardwood.

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