This Dude Is Casually Licking and Sucking The Bottom Of His Boot And It Makes Me Want To Puke – So You Need To Watch It

There isn’t many things that I’d recommend that you watch and have a chance of puking but this is one of them.

Carla Dawber posted on Facebook: My mate on their way to work this morning… just sent me this:

Homie started sucking the boot even. What the hell is going on with this. How isn’t the person who is recording him laughing or calling him out? If I’m seeing someone do this… first thing I’m doing is recording him and then I’d be calling him out, questioning his actions. Instead these people sat back and said, not going to question, only going to record.

Imagine the content that would have came from this HAD the person recording started to ask questions?

This was posted in 2021 also – this year isn’t off to a better start yet.. is it? Because this is pretty wild.

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