This Dog Groomer Cut My Moms Dog On His Neck Bad And He Needs Some Extra Love

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Mans best friend, a dog. Well in this case my moms dog, Ziggy. No, I didn’t name him my mom did. Don’t ask me how she got the name Ziggy. She knows nothing about sports, so it couldn’t have been referencing Detroit Lions player Ziggy Ansah.

This dog is the only pet my mom has ever really owned, besides myself.

She was never a dog lover till she met “Zig”.

And let me tell you, she absolutely loves him. Honestly, he’s probably the cutest puppy ever and has an awesome personality.

I mean look at how cute he is, he even helps my mom with laundry.

My mom scheduled an appointment to get his haircut. And yesterday was the day. Her boyfriend picked Ziggy up from his appointment later in the day everything seemed normal. I mean hell the front desk didn’t mention anything…

And Ziggy was out of it per usual because they put him under when he gets a haircut.  So everything seemed fine.

But it wasn’t.

I’m not talking about a “bad” haircut either.

They cut his hair so low, that they left cut marks… and I feel so bad for the doggo.

I went and spent a couple hours with him last night and he was shaking the entire time. It seemed as if he was basically beaten with how shook up he is.

And.. if you seen how bad they messed up around his tail you’d be in tears. His entire butt is beating red. No dog should have been treated this way. If I get a chance this week to get a picture I will.

I hate to mention the name but I will because it really doesn’t bug me. Lol. It’s The Bayshore Veterinary Clinic. Obviously it wasn’t the “vets” fault, but it’s the groomer working there!

You can see it a little better in this video:

Monday’s gonna be interesting when we go  complain.

If you’d like to send him treats or todays the mailing address is:

18 oak st, LAnse, Michigan 49946



Today Ziggy seemed a bit better but he was on some meds for the cuts/pain.

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