This Couple Fighting On American Airlines Is Must See

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This couple fighting on an American Airlines might be one of the top 10 craziest airplane fights of all time and that’s saying something. Because it seems like every month we get a video recorded in a Sprit Airlines flight but instead this one was on American Airlines.

How do I know it was an American Airlines flight? because you can’t really see any logos? Well.. if you look they have the American Way magazine.

The best thing about the video is the guy in front of them and watching his facial expressions. I don’t have a clue when this video was recorded. Because I’m pretty sure that you have to always have a mask on during flights. I don’t know, maybe not anymore.

Then you have the guy coming up to her and saying “Ma’am you’re going to be charge with assault” and she basically gives him the fuck you look and says whatever.

Oh btw, like she uses a laptop! haha

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