They Say You Learn Something New Everyday and Twitter Introduced Me to a New Word Today: Gooch Grease

First of all Twitter has no chill the number one trending topic currently in America is gooch grease and I was curious to what that was because I have never heard of it before and let me tell you I made a mistake that is all that can be said my eyes are fried. You also have to respect Twitter and the power that it has though it is educating people on a daily basis while also corporations curious individuals…Respect got to tip your cap on that one am I right? This was my reaction to when I found out what it meant

This app is crazy I feel if we were all educated by Twitter and social media instead of the corporate school system and common core this world would be a much better place. But when I tell you I had no clue what gooche grease could of been before I clicked on the trending topic I would not have guessed this in a million tries.

I don’t know why y’all let this be a trending topic but you did hope you’re all happy now because you done did it! Curiosity really killed the cat on this one because know my eyes can’t unsee this unforunately and y’all are to blame not me! As Raven-Symone would say ‘YA NASTY’S’.


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