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These Pictures Of Matthew Stafford Are Hilarious | NFL | Los Angeles Rams

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Matthew Stafford is one of the most underappreciated player in the entire NFL. As a diehard Detroit Lions fan, I’ll miss him. Big time. One thing people might not know about him is that he sure has enjoyed fun throughout his life – especially during college.

Some of these pictures of Frat Stafford are hilarious – drunk, having fun, I don’t blame him. Isn’t college supposed to be for fun? I think everyone wants to party with Stafford already and after seeing the pictures you’ll be doing everything you can to get drunk with #9.

And his now wife Kelly.. she’s in some of these pictures. If you want to see more hot pictures of Kelly, click here.

Maybe he’ll have some parties in Los Angeles. I mean… What else do you do in LA? Imagine if Stafford ever wins a Super Bowl? Dude might end up dead from partying. Haha.

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