These Images Prove That Sam Ponder Had Her Kid On College Gameday Multiple Times Proving Dave Portnoy Is Right… Again! – @stoolpresidente @sam_ponder @eddiebarstool

Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports and Sam Ponder from ESPN have had beef for awhile now. Going back to when Sam Ponder continued to have her kid on College Gameday and Portnoy wasn’t too impressed. As Portnoy would – he said something about it.

Years later Sam Ponder sent off a couple of tweets about Portnoy and Barstool that ended Barstool Van Talks short stint with ESPN.

Today on The Dave Portnoy show and as our very own JohnnyB blogged about Sam Ponder and Dave Portnoy went at it for an hour, face to face.

One thing that Portnoy said was that Ponder kept denying that she had her kid on Gameday. Portnoy said that was the entire reason he said anything about her in the first place. During The Dave Portnoy show Portnoy basically said he knows it but didn’t have the receipts.

Well… I’ve got a few of them for him:

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