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These Are The Real Facts About The Coronavirus – There is NO Need For Canceled Sporting Events or To Have No Fans In The Crowd In The USA, Also No Need To Call Off Coachella!

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Let me ask you something… Do you know anyone with The Coronavirus?

Probably not. Will you ever know someone who’ll died from the Coronavirus? Probably not. The media is completely blowing this out of control. It’s outrageous.

The media is spreading this to scare people. I understand that it’s possible to get the corona-virus…. Just do me a favor… look at these facts:

15 US DEATHS…. And we are talking about canceling sporting events or not allowing fans in the stadium? This is ridiculous.

Rumors are swirling that they might cancel Coachella?

There is no need to have any events canceled. Especially already. I understand people travel from all over the World, but this ‘virus’ will clear up, fast. The main people who seem to be contracting it is old people. With the amount of modern day medicine, this isn’t what the media is making it.

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports shared his thoughts on the Coronavirus:

I agree, Dave!

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