There is no better display of patriotism than Team USA Basketball

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It came out today that KD plans to play for Team USA in the Olympics this summer. As if our roster wasn’t stacked enough, we’ve now got the greatest player in the world at the helm. As a Nets fan am I slightly worried about injury? Oh yeah, I can definitely envision a scenario where the guy blows an ACL trying to beat Romania by 50. But as an American, this is freaking awesome. There’s no better way for us to assert our dominance as a country than by running every other country in the world out of the gym without even breaking a sweat.

Have you seen our roster so far? We could win the gold blindfolded. Look at this list, and then add Kevin Durant.

In today’s political climate, there’s an undeniable amount of America slander, but the one place where we’re undeniably the greatest country in the world is on the hardwood. Who can even challenge us? Canada? We’ll clown them by 60. Maybe whatever team Luka plays for, but we’ll just throw three guys at him and see if those Slovenian cattle farmers he’s playing with can come anywhere close to scoring on our interior defense. Honestly, if we win a game by less than 25 points I’ll consider the 2021 Olympics a failure.

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Noah Gagnon

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