There Have Been a lot of Big Name Places Stealing MY Idea to Bet on Video Game Simulations…AT LEAST GIVE ME SOME CREDIT FOR YOUR SUCCESS

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Just a couple of days after there was a complete sports hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I wrote a blog with the idea that you could set up a cpu v. cpu match up in NHL 20, change the camera angle to where it looks like you’re watching an actual televised game.

In this blog, I also said that you could maybe have a buddy or two over (while social distancing of course), and make some bets on the games since, just like in real life, you have no idea what the outcome is going to be.

Now, there are sports betting sights that are doing just that. They are playing live streams of simulated, cpu v. cpu games on twitch. is doing just that.

LITERALLY EXACTLY WHAT I SAID!!! And you can see on the left, you have the ability to bet on 2k, and even a college basketball game.

I mean, at least put at the top of your sight “Courtesy of the beautiful mind of iamthunder from Pro Sports Extra”. C’mon!! Tell me thank you!! At least!!

Now…I will be honest…I have bet on some games before because I’m that desperate for some sort of sport…but still!!!

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