The Worst Professional Wrestling Match I’ve Ever Seen

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Professional wrestling is entertainment based around telling stories with characters, ultimately leading to a match.

Part of that entertainment is comedy.  I’ve seen plenty of good comedy in professional wrestling – whether it was DX using a spit shield with wipers to talk to Sgt. Slaughter during the Attitude Era or R-Truth defending the 24/7 Championship.  As a rule, the key to comedy in professional wrestling is to not go too extreme and to not do it too often – well, and it should at least be reasonably funny.

Enter Orange Cassidy, a wrestler with a sweet pair of aviator sunglasses and torn blue jeans, who looks like he would struggle to beat up the average 18-year-old male. He works in slow motion, with light strikes while largely keeping his hands in his pockets during moves.

So, there I was, minding my own business, scrolling through Twitter when I came across a video clip (courtesy of HighSpotsWrestlingNetwork.com

) of Orange Cassidy and Christopher Daniels having the dumbest match I’ve seen since I accidentally saw a video clip of Joey Ryan dick-flipping his opponent.


I showed this video clip to a casual fan who could only make it through about 15 seconds before telling me how stupid it was.

At a time when professional wrestling needs to increase its mainstream audience and improve its cool factor, these two professional wrestlers (both of whom just appeared on AEW’s Double or Nothing event) did the opposite of what would help the business in this match.  I get it, it’s a niche and it separates Cassidy from the sea of other professional wrestlers, but that doesn’t make it good either.




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