The Weeknd is Trending Not Only From His Super Bowl Halftime Show, but from Giving Birth to a New, Viral Meme #SuperBowlLV

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The halftime show for pop singer The WeekNd was-let’s say half and half-based on everyone’s opinions on Twitter, but it also gave life to a new viral meme on social media.

The new video meme features The WeekNd wandering and looking around through a hall of mirrors and lights, looking like he was high out of his mind.

And the all the big and creative captions came rolling right on in…

The halftime show may have been a 5 out of 10 ranking, but we thank you Weeknd for making this show portion a genius move for all of us to make new memes.

It’s crazy how one video can make a difference on a big level for humor’s sake.

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