The USA opens as betting favorites to be attacked by aliens first

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As someone who puts all too much faith into vegas betting odds, this metric scares me. Today, odds shark came out with odds surrounding alien invasions, and the U.S of A is the favorite to get hit first. At 10/1 odds, Vegas doesn’t have overwhelming confidence, but they definitely feel a certain type of way. Take a look at the list.

As an American, I’m honestly flattered that we’re the favorites. An honor, truly. Like, we’ve got some sick shit going for us in this country. If you’re an alien, how dope would it be to take one of your death beams and just completely nuke the Statue of Liberty? That would rule. But, as a patriot myself, I kinda just hope the aliens fuck around and wipe out Delaware. It’s the taint of the country, and if the aliens are gonna experiment they can gladly do it there.

From a betting perspective, however, there’s a ton of country’s not on this list that I’d love to take a flyer on. Egypt? What if they come back, take back the pyramids they put there, and then leave. Hows Italy? Perhaps the fellas are in the mood for some cuisine, and decide to hit the motherland, I don’t know. I’m just saying, there’s some real value in this bet.

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