The Top 5 Meme’s Going Into April Guaranteed To Piss Off Packer Fans

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You know what’s better than a pissed off Packer fan? Nothing. Unless you can piss on them. On the first of every month I’ll get all of the new meme’s that I can find that would piss off a Packer fan and your job is to share it with as many people as possible. Okay? If you’re reading this and you know a Packer fan tag them in the comments on whatever platform you can.. And just wait for the reactions. It’ll be priceless… Here are the top 5 meme’s guaranteed to piss Packer fans off.

5. Eli Manning’s Career > Aaron Rodgers

4. The retarded dog…

3. I’ve got a note for ya buddy!

2. Ahhh. “The goat”

1. I don’t know why… But this one always get them good. But you have to read my response to the meme with what they forgot.

And well.. By the end of this your friend will add up to this…

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