The Tigers Will Win National Title Tonight!!

There is one absolute fact that will happen tonight in the National Championship game tonight, The Tigers Win!!!!!

Alright all stupid jokes asides my mind is telling me to take Clemson to win this game. Everyone is all over L.S.U. It’s a home game for the Bayou Tigers, team of destiny, have beaten 5 teams with ten wins. It goes on and on why everyone is on L.S.U. The spread is L.S.U. -5 which isn’t a big spread.

Usually when all the money is one way I go the other. My heart wants me to take L.S.U. they had an amazing year with awesome story lines with Burrow and Coach O. No one wanted Burrow and the Coach O hiring at L.S.U. was questioned by everyone. I will be rooting for L.S.U., let’s get that straight.

The thing is heart and head in football play constant ping pong in my head. That’s why I will be money lining Clemson and Trevor Lawerence tonight. It’s the #1 draft pick in 2020 vs the #1 draft pick in 2021. I’m going with Trevor, Etienne, and god help me Dabo’s experience in huge games. I think him and Venables slow down Burrow just enough for Lawerence to make plays along with Etienne out of the backfield receiving.

Official pick is head over heart, I hope I’m wrong but I love money more then teams I root for.

Clemson 38 L.S.U 34

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