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The Tennessee Titans will forfeit this weekend?

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The NFL undoubtedly had contingency plans in place if and when an NFL team or players violated the COVID rules this season. The Titans are now facing the possibility of forfeiting this weekends games because players cannot follow simple rules.

There are multiple reports accusing a handful of Titan players gathering to conduct workouts after they were specifically told by the NFL and NFLPA to self quarantine stemming from their facility outbreak where multiple players and employees have tested positive for the virus.

I fully expect that if these allegations are true, that the NFL will and should determine that this weekends game against the Buffalo Bills should be forfeited by the team.

On the surface, it looks to be a very harsh judgment call by the NFL but the action of players usually determines the outcome of NFL games on Sunday. Their off-field actions that are now affecting the entire league, should be viewed in the same way.

If players or staff get the virus from usual daily activities that cannot be traced to a source, then the NFL should be lenient when determining solutions. Blatant disregard for the rules and protocols in the event of an outbreak is selfish and an example should be made of this team.

If the NFL determines that there indeed will be a forfeit, maybe it will get the attention of all the young, rich players throughout the league who at this stage of life still believe they are invincible to adhere to the rules.

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