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The Sway Boys are PISSED At Alex Cooper For Roasting Them on BFFs Pod

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On Episode 4 of BFFs Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards were joined by Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper. They asked her for her thoughts on different TikTokers and she did not hold back.

This led to Bryce Hall calling Alex out for the double standard of ranking their appearance.

Blake Gray also replied to the video throwing some shade toward Alex.

But she came back with some HEAT. Like really? How are you in the social media, “influencer” industry and DON’T know who Father Cooper is??

Bryce continued to throw shots toward Alex with a tweet that included a subtle shot towards Alex’s former co-host Sofia Franklin.

If you’ve followed along with the recent drama between Barstool and Call Her Daddy… I think it’s safe to say Alex isn’t broke. But these TikTok boys are relentless.

Blake Gray threw in another jab to add to the drama.

Make sure to look out for episode 5 of BFFs, it seems like it’s going to be juicy.

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