The Stretch Limo That Is Waiting For Joe Exotic’s ‘Anticipated’ Pardon Is Hilarious #TigerKing

‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic who gained immense fame during the first week of quarantine is expecting to be pardoned by President Trump in his last full day in office. Exotic’s team believes that “we are 100% sure today is our day” that is a direct quote from Eric Love who is Joe’s lawyer and shares a scary resemblance to Doug Dimmadome from Nickelodeon’s Timmy Turner.

Now I have ready or heard anything that would back up Mr. Love’s claim of saying Joe Exotic will be pardoned today. The funniest thing that is happening from this is that his team has parked a stretch limo outside of the Fort Worth jail in anticipation of him being pardoned. I mean you have to admit that this is pretty funny that Joe’s team is so confident in his release that they have this limo waiting for him.

Should Joe be pardoned? The short answer is simple no. This man is a noted animal abuser, and accessory to attempted murder. Whether you think he is an electric personality and we need another Tiger King should go by the waist side. This dude is nuts and Trump should not use a pardon on him. Lets also make it clear that there has been no indication that Joe will be pardon either it is pure speculation on his legal team. I would figure that Trump would focus on his family first and friends before pardoning a Netflix star.

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