The Sam Darnold Slander is Running Wild On My Timeline Today

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Let me start by saying I am NOT a Samsexual, I like Sam Darnold, I still support Darnold as the ‘starting quarterback’ of the New York Jets. I say that in quotes because his time is slowly coming to the end with Mormon Mahomes being drafted in a few months.

This Darnold slander, is getting to toxic levels on my timeline today by Jet Nation, I get it that he is not the greatest and he only threw for nine touchdowns, and he has not played a full season in his first three years yet. But can we give this dude a break? It is inevitable the Jets are going to move on from him after watching his pro day, and not trading the 2nd pick in the draft to the 49ers nor the Eagles. So lets all countdown the days and stop saying that Sam Darnold sucks.

He is a talented guy, who seems to be nothing but good in that locker room, if we are being honest lets call it how it is; the franchise has failed him. With Robert Saleh being the new head coach he has now had three different head coaches and four different offensive coordinators in his first four seasons you are setting him up for success with that. Also he has never had a good offensive line in those years as well they have all been really bad. Last years line did not suck because us fans were hyped about Mekhi Bection, but other than the rookie the line still sucked it just had one bright spot.

So stop with the slander, and accept that Zach Wilson is the next QB of the New York Jets, unfortunately it is not going to be Sam or Deshaun Watson (because he is either the biggest sexual assaulter in the world or it is the worst defamation of character attempt in history). But it is pretty much set in stone that Mr. Wilson is the next quarterback of the New York Jets.

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