The Return of Fighting Games in WePlay’s Latest Tournament

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WePlay has established itself as a premier name in the hosting and development of tournament formats, especially when it comes to Dota 2. Yet, the organization is branching off into a new and exciting direction, giving the Fighting Gaming Community a reason to enjoy. WePlay is hosting a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament with a sizeable prize pool of $60,000 and the opportunity to participate in various player raffles.

If you have been looking for something great to bet on these days, the WePlay Dragon Temple FGC tournament may be just the right competition for you. Even if you don’t know much about FGC and who the most accomplished competitive players are, you can always turn and seek the expert advice of people from portals such as

They will have no trouble catching you up on all there is to know about competitive Fighting Gaming Community titles such as Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V, Smash Bros. and many more.

‘We Recognize the Potential of FGC,’ Say WePlay Host

Hosted as a LAN event in Kyiv, this event is going to do the Fighting Community every bit of justice it deserves. While 2020 proved particularly choppy for the community, and FGC tournaments disappeared from the map, the fact that WePlay is coming to the rescue is ensuring. 

The organization has both the resources as well as the experience producing quality product to bring to fans exactly what they expect. Even if WePlay is specializing in Dota 2 productions, for the time being, Dragon Temple promises to be every bit as exciting and fan-focused as things can get.

WePlay is tapping into what it describes as a severely underappreciated segment. Put another way, there is a huge and understandable demand for fighting games competitions, but no-one to deliver them.

The potential audience is enormous, and it offers a chance to reunite hundreds of thousands of fans globally, and why not propel the status of fighting games to a global phenomenon that transcends consolers or even better, makes consoles synonymous with the fighting games genre?

Some Great Match-ups Planned for Fans

Apart from bringing top talent to compete, WePlay has come up with a number of ways to keep everyone entertained, and this is a great thing. Apart from bringing some of the most talented competitors to the joysticks in Kyiv, the organization is also hosting various fan-focused contests.

WePlay wants you to record yourself on video executing a bunch of Mortal Kombat 11 moves, and then the organization will mash up the footage of two such videos together and produce a unique fan versus fan experience.

The winner of a parallel fan tournament will get a PlayStation 5 to bring home, so you may want to see if this isn’t worth your time and effort. All in all, WePlay is up to something great. The organization is truly transcending expectations, and that is a brilliant thing. The Fighting Gaming Community does have a fighting chance with WePlay watching over it.

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