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The “Report” That The Lions Offered Jim Harbaugh a Mega Contract is Obviously Fake

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A lot of scuttlebutt has been going around twitter that the Detroit Lions have offered “a Jon Gruden like” contract to University of Michigan Coach, Jim Harbaugh.

The rumor was apparently spread by the terrible hot take blog ‘Detroit Sports Nation’.

I won’t link to their site, because I don’t want them to profit from their fake rumor mongering.

The blog quoted a tweet from some rando that stated :

“I don’t know if any of this is true yet but I keep hearing more and more that the Lions have in offer out there to Jim Harbaugh. Could be a Jon Gruden big time contract to have him jump ship and leave Michigan. He hasn’t publicly said no to any of this either?”

Get a clue, guy.

This would not be a good hiring for the Lions, and I think they know that.

Sure, Harbaugh took the 49ers to the Super Bowl, but his style of 1960’s football is easy to figure out and he left the team in shambles before he left the team to coach at ‘Scumbag University’.

While I obviously don’t believe this rumor, please believe that I will no longer be a fan of the Detroit Lions if they hire this nut case to be their head coach.

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