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BREAKING: The Red Sox Have Fired Manager Alex Cora

First of all, let’s call this what it is; a firing. The statement that the Sox and Cora have “mutually parted ways” is something I expect people with cinnamon applesauce brains to believe. Cora got canned.

Two things immediately came to mind as a Red Sox fan when I think of this entire situation.

One, this really sucks. Alex Cora was an awesome fit for this Red Sox team. He lnew exactly how to handle all the huge personalities on this team with one of the highest payrolls in baseball and a fanbase that will accept nothing short of a trophy at the end of every single season. He came to Fenway in 2018 with a clear mission and the team steamrolled everyone in their path en route to their 4th title since The Curse. While they found much less success last year, he was still the man for the job.

Two, Cora absolutely deserves to be fired. If you read the report from the 2017 Astros cheating scandal, it sure sounds like he orchestrated the entire process, or at least played a major role in it. That, I have no time for. I can’t sit here and bitch about the Astros cheating while also staying silent about Alex Cora’s role. That’s a scummy way to gain an advantage and he should have to pay for it, no matter how harsh the punishment may be.

One thing I’m hearing a lot of on Boston sports radio is people thinking the video room incident from 2018 is the reason he should be fired. I completely disagree with that take. Every team had access to their own video room that season when the MLB decided hey maybe we shouldn’t allow teams to do that and told them to stop. Cora pulled the ole ” oh I’m sorry professor I must not have seen that email” card and his team was caught still going into the no-no room after they were told do not enter.

However, that just makes this whole thing worse. Not only was he a major part of the Astros sign stealing, he brought some of that to Boston with him. While not nearly as egregious, its an ugly trend.

So as much as it sucks, this is the right move and one I’m happy with. It’s disappointing that a man with the talent Cora has felt he needed to cheat to win, because I don’t think he needed to reach to these depths to find success.

On to the next. I wonder what Jason Varitek is doing right now?

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