The Real Reason Cody Parkey Did Not Lose The Game For The Bears

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It has been almost a week since the day that Bears fans around the world watched their season end on a blocked kick as time expired at home to lose to the visiting underdog Philadelphia Eagles. The blocked kick heard around the world, led to the Chicago Bears losing at Soldier Field to the Philadelphia Eagles 16-15 in one of the most down to the wire games of the season. This game had everything a football fan could ask for, and it did not disappoint in that regard. However, one thing that has been thrown around since the moment it happened was that Bears kicker Cody Parkey, singlehandedly lost them the game. This not only is false but also a weak statement made by short-sighted and simpleminded sports fans.

Cody Parkey did not lose the game for the Bears singlehandedly. In the win, Philadelphia had more time of possession, ran more plays, had more first downs, a greater third and fourth down efficiency rating, less punts, and fewer penalty yards. Chicago also failed to score in both the first and third quarters. Dynamic dual-threat Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky also failed to amass more than 10 yards on the ground. If you have watched the Bears at all this season, then you would know just how important Trubisky’s legs are to the Bears’ success on offense. Couple that with the aforementioned key points from the game and it should start to add up for those Bears fans still scratching their heads, instead of being optimistic for next season.

There were times when Chicago star linebacker Khalil Mack could have made plays on defense that he failed to, and there were times when Trubisky could have made throws that he made look routine all season. But they did not, and that inevitably ended up being the difference in the 16-15 home playoff loss to the Eagles. So for those who believe that Cody Parkey missing the field goal as time expired, expand your horizons a little bit and accept the fact that there were more contributing factors to your loss than one blocked kick as time expired.

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