The Patriots Beat Dallas And Hold Them To 9 Points… Let’s NOT Forget About The Random Guy Spotted On The Roof At Dallas Practice That Has Cowboy’s Fans Thinking It Was A Patriots Employee #NFL

The New England Patriots just beat the Dallas Cowboys, not only did they beat them they held them to just 9 points!

Yes, this game was played in a storm…

Let’s not forget about the random guy who was at the Dallas Cowboys practice.

This is of course after the infamous “Spy Gate” incident about ten years ago, where the Patriots were caught filming the Jets defensive signals to gain a competitive edge.

Could this possibly have been a Patriot spy? Or was it just someone fixing something on the roof?

New England is moving to 10-1 and might have just gotten away with cheating once again.

I somewhat dig it. Do what you gotta do. Get the advantage. Send someone to Dallas to go onto the roof! Cowboy’s fans should be livid.

But… Let’s not forget that New England also only scored 13 points. They’re the best in the business. Always get it done.

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