The Patriots Are Using Matt Patricia To Recruit Free Agents

After failing in Detroit and making the franchise somehow even worse, Matt Patricia ran back to his buddy Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Not returning as a defensive coordinator, the role was unknown but everyone knew it was a much smaller role. Now we know the details of what Patricia will be doing, recruiting free agents and negotiating contracts. Look, I’m not going to question Belichick. He is the greatest coach ever. He knows what he is doing but man this makes no sense.

Patricia is a guy who was fired in his third season of coaching the Lions, with a dismal record of 13-29-1. Not only was he a terrible coach, but he also wasn’t liked by many people in the organization. It seems that even Matthew Stafford, who praises everyone, disliked Patricia. In Stafford’s farewell video, he was thanking his coaches. It showed every coach he had in Detroit outside of one. I think we all know who that one is.

Hell, it wasn’t just Stafford. Look how all the former players reacted when Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn were fired.

This man was the most disliked coach. He tried to bring the “Patriot way” to Detroit. All he did was disrespect players and make the franchise rebuild again. Patricia acted like he was Bill Belichick when in reality, he was the opposite. I just can’t see a scenario that Patricia would be good at recruiting free agents when a good amount of players hate him. I am sure Belichick has a plan up his sleeve. You know he is pissed off after last season. Just not sure if this is the plan that will turn things back around.

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