The Only People Who Are Mad About Brad Shepard’s Wrestling Twitter After Dark Blog Is Ugly and Fat People #WTAD #WrestlingTwitterAfterDark

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On Tuesday, Brad Shepard posted a blog mentioning the top 5 hottest women of ‘Wrestling Twitter After Dark‘. After posting the blog Brad received tons of hate from people all over social media! But what’s new?

Brad could cure the coronavirus and Wrestling Twitter would still find a way to hate on him.

But… you know what I noticed in this instance?

The only people who are upset about Brad’s blog are people who are ugly and fat.

I haven’t seen one person who is mentioned in the blog complain. The only people I’ve seen complain are people who were too ugly to make the list.

*And we actually had three out of the five girls share the blog and comment about how much they loved being in it.*

Here’s the thing…

I’m normally a pretty nice guy. What’s so bad about sharing images that someone is already sharing on Twitter?

Twitter has a button where you’re able to embedded any Tweet and put it onto a website. That’s what happens when you post in a public platform.

In other words, nothing is bad about it.

What’s bad is them sharing them image of themselves that they don’t want the entire World to see them!

Why would you share them if you didn’t want people looking at you? You don’t post half naked pictures for people to NOT look at you.

But to some of you… I wish I would have NEVER clicked on that hashtag. Yikes!

And guess what? Those people who I wish I never would have seen when I clicked on the hashtag are those same ones that are complaining about the blog!

I recommend you take your fat ass to the gym, or else stop complaining!

Brad Shepard isn’t going anywhere. He will continue to be one of the most talked about people in the entire Wrestling Universe.

If you didn’t read Brad’s blog here you go:

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